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Originally Published June 25, 2012


There are some well known websites where clients can leave comments or reviews on providers they have kept time with. Clients are taking a certain amount of personal risk and laying out their hard-earned money, and it makes some sense that a client would want to know if a certain provider is legit or not. (heehee — in this business, ‘legit’ means ‘isn’t a scam artist, looks like her photos, etc.’) Because this is a personal service industry, clients also want a hint about what type of girl they are hiring; is she easy to talk to, does she allow kissing, does she smell bad or act like she doesn’t want to be there, etc.

Some working-girls hate having reviews printed on the web — because they are usually pretty explicit, and a bad review can really hurt business. (Though I have seen some women with 10 really bad reviews . . . wouldn’t you think the last 5 or 8 guys would have taken the early reviews to heart and not made a date with her???) I have allowed reviews because I see the benefit to potential clients. I take pride in my work and enjoy reading a client’s positive comments. I don’t love the more explicit nature of some, but it goes with the territory.

You will not be surprised to learn that in order to read the full text of reviews, a fella has to join the site and use a credit card to pay a membership fee. The fees are not huge, but . . . there are a lot of nice guys who do not want naughty website charges showing up on their credit card bill! At the risk of appearing to toot my own horn, I have decided to post some of my reviews on my blog so interested parties can read them without forking over the cash to join the sites. If you blush easily you might want to make sure you read the rest of this post in private ;-

BTW:  Currently I have a profile and reviews on NaughtyReviews and TheEroticReview if you would like to read for yourself or check out these sites yourself.



Exactly what the Dr. Ordered….

Public review:
Easy to contact and quick to respond. Attractive, mature and smarter than the average bear! Open to suggestion and more than a few of her own, put her in the driver seat and you will be thrilled.
Premium review:
Wearing a very attractive robe that framed her big rack had a big smile and kissed deeply upon entering her easy to find location. Very polite and smells like a million bucks. She looks exactly as described in her ad and she is smart as a whip. She asks some very good questions regarding your wants and requests. Great A-Z experience I left feeling great and will do/be done again!


“Great Down to Earth Girl”
Public review:
Coordinated appt through email. Felt very comfortable with her. Appearance was as advertised. She had jeans and see through shirt. Curvy and knows how to use it. Very calm and guiding through entire time.
Premium review:
Met at a hotel. She had on jeans and a see thru shirt,No bra, just panties. Curvy with a little extra, but a very sexy demeanor. Soft lips, I enjoyed the kissing and cuddling. She was very accomodating and communicated well. 2 blow jobs that were A+. Visit consisted of kissing cuddling to undressing to 2 amazing bj, very well paced. Lots of touching between them. She is fun and talented at what she does.


“Sweet girl, amazing bj”

Public review:
Kathryn uses email to share information and to establish rapport — by the time we met, I felt like we were already comfortable with each other . . and the anticipation was high! This is obviously a bright, worldly woman who ENJOYS the service she provides. Her photos are recent, she was dressed in jeans and sexy top (I didn’t have any special request, but she did ask.) She has those sexy librarian glasses, wavy dark brown hair, and an easy smile. Made me feel right at home (oh, I WAS at home!)
Premium review:
I knew Kathryn was ‘curvy’ ahead of time (like 180 I guess?) but she is NOT ‘fat’ — and she is obviously comfortable with her body and what it does. And her tits are amazing!! She seemed to like a bit of ‘man-handling’ but let me know, gently, when it got too enthusiastic.
I think the start of all this can be awkward, but she started kissing me and the rest just fell into place. I really liked the slow ‘reveal’ she did finding my cock . . . by the time ‘dude’ was out in the open, I was almost begging her to fuck me! (Got the feeling she would be ok with THAT, too —)
ok — here is the down and dirty — it was THE BEST bbbj I have EVER had! She took her time and really enjoyed herself — I was in fuckin’ heaven! In fact, while I fingered her, etc, I liked the bj so much I never even got around to fucking her — will have to email her again and give that tight cunt a try!

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